Your Roof Is Leaking!…WHY?

No day is a good day to have a dreaded leak. None of us plan to have to deal with our failing roof during our regular busy days in the office. Omnipresence has put together a list of the most common reasons why a roof may leak. The list below can be used as preventative [...]

FACT: Roof Maintenance Saves Money

Reactive Vs Proactive As a Property Owner or Manager, the condition and safety of your building is of high priority to you. The peace of mind you gain in being proactive (inspect and repair routinely) with your roofing maintenance, saving money in the long run and having less problems to worry about is worth its [...]

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Expert or Novice: The Best Roofing Reference Manual Available

Being in the industry for over 18 years, Omnipresence Construction and Roofing has found some sources of education to be more valuable than others. This fantastic manual in particular, we would like to share, in order to education the most novice up to the highest experts of building management and building owners. We find the [...]

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Roof Coatings and 20 Year Warranties!

Do you know all the benefits of Roof Coatings to restore your commercial roof? They are a big deal in the modern day roofing industry for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Just having roof coating installed, can prevent you from getting an entire roof replaced, which can be out of budget for many businesses. Many manufacturers [...]

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Insurance Claims: Time’s A Tickin’

Have you wondered: Can I put off this roof insurance claim for a while? Maybe the reason is you are waiting for funds to be available to pay a deductible, or you need to get a roofer to inspect first, or you are afraid it could hurt your insurance rates or you just simply don’t [...]

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TPO is a Super Hero: Saving Energy, Money and Environment

Since the beginning of the innovative TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) or “cool roofing” in the 1990s, it has become a fast growing, energy efficient commercial roofing product! The number of reasons why are astounding. First, this high quality product is puncture and algae resistant as well as flexible for severe changes in weather and building movement. [...]

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Summer and early Fall are busy times for roofers due to convenient, warm dry weather and longer days. Not to mention, many people are scheduling to have their roof replaced after hail damage from late Spring and early Summer storms. Will this affect you as a homeowner? Yes. Price Due to the high demand of [...]

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