Omnipresence roofing service is unparalleled in the industry

We have 2 offices and 200 associates across North Texas and over 17 years of experience in commercial roofing. Omnipresence  is North Texas’s premier full-service commercial and industrial roofing contractor. We specialize in low slope roofs consisting of EPDM (rubber roofing), TPO, PVC, modified bitumen, BUR, spray polyurethane foam, metal and various roof coatings


Your commercial roof is one of your most valuable assets. Having a scheduled maintenance plan in place to inspect the condition of your roof and prevent costly repairs or replacement at the first sign of deterioration is vital to extending the life of your roof and saving money. Omnipresence offers a sustainable cleaning solution that restores, protects and maintains your roofing system.


The Omni Asset Management program provides important financial guidance in making difficult repair versus replacement decisions. It provides you with the ability to compare the investment of a repair to the investment of a new roof, simplifying the decision. Omnipresence’s structured and proprietary process ensures that every facility is evaluated in a consistent manner.


White single-ply roofs do get dirty from debris, mold, pollution and environmental factors. To get the maximum benefit of reflectivity of the sun’s rays, as well as enhance the aesthetics of the roof, it is wise to have your roof professionally cleaned annually. Omnipresence Service Associates are trained in the proper techniques to clean your roof membrane and employ environmentally safe solutions.


The main focus of Omnipresence’s National Customer Service is to provide excellent communication with you regarding your service requests. We give our customers online access to photos, work authorizations and account information. A follow up courtesy call is made once your repair is completed. Our goal is to make the repair process of your roof as seamless as possible.


When there are multiple facilities to manage, cataloging the chronological roof repair and maintenance activity of each building is essential. Omnipresence provides an online portfolio management application, Omni-Multi, designed for customers with multiple facilities. Omni-Multi houses your facility information including before and after photos, project timelines and budget information.


When there is a roof leak, it is essential to have a roofing company who can locate the source quickly and make repairs in a timely manner. You want a roof repair contractor who will perform a complete evaluation on potential water intrusion problems in the future. We will provide you with viable roof repair or replacement solutions and a repair estimate that considers your particular situation and budget.


No roof is 100% immune to the damages of microbursts, heavy winds, rain, hail, snow, tornadoes and hurricanes. Omnipresence is here for you with 24/7 emergency nationwide repair service. Our Customer Service Representatives will mobilize and deploy repair crews in your area to assist with roof repairs or replacement in an emergency.

Omnipresence LOCAL

Our customers wanted a more objective and definitive assessment method that would determine when it made sense to repair or replace a roof. It’s also beneficial to accurately predict the life expectancy of that repair or re-roof decision. Managing and accessing your roof’s maintenance history is critical to effective facility management. Omnipresence  Local offers our customers access to this information.