Have you wondered: Can I put off this roof insurance claim for a while?

Maybe the reason is you are waiting for funds to be available to pay a deductible, or you need to get a roofer to inspect first, or you are afraid it could hurt your insurance rates or you just simply don’t have time right now. Those are all understandable reasons and concerns however you must understand that time’s a tickin’.

The answer to this question is not easy. First, at Omnipresence, we want any home owner or building owner to understand, that the quicker you put in the claim, the sooner the repair or replacement can get made. This will ensure that less damage will be made to the interior of your building and prevent damage to valuable items within.

Second, we highly encourage you to call your insurance as soon as possible to expedite the process. The roofing process can be long and cumbersome, however, choosing a professional and experienced roofer, can make the process less painful. We, at Omnipresence, keep our clients up to speed on progress as well as help navigate them through the entire insurance claims process as we have extensive experience in providing roof estimates for insurance claims.

Lastly, every insurance provider is different. We typically see insurance carriers giving a 1 year deadline from the time of damage in which to submit your claim for repair or replacement. After that, you are on your own, as it becomes a matter of maintenance and will become your out of pocket expense. Roofs can costs an average of $15000 for small homes up to $300,000 or higher for commercial buildings. Get your claim in quickly if you feel there is damage from a storm and prevent more damage and large out of pocket expenses. Submitting a claim will never negatively affect your insurance so don’t be afraid to make the call.