Do you know all the benefits of Roof Coatings to restore your commercial roof? They are a big deal in the modern day roofing industry for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Just having roof coating installed, can prevent you from getting an entire roof replaced, which can be out of budget for many businesses. Many manufacturers even offer up to a 20 year warranty that can save thousands of dollars in damage if there is a problem with the coating.

There are several types of coatings including: silicone, urethane, acrylic and poly urea. They all serve special purposes for the type of roof and the area in which you live. When installed properly, many fluid-applied roof systems can be as good or even better than the original roof.

Protecting your roof with an impermeable roof coating can greatly reduce your energy costs by preventing UV damage and effectively waterproofing to prevent detrimental leaks.

Not only is the roof coating protective, but using the correct roof coating will help keep the roof surface flexible from different pressures from the building shifting and other forces applied to the surface.

You must remember to have your roof system, no matter the type, inspected by a trusted roofing company and maintained at least twice a year for prevention of damage and leaks.

Ask Omnipresence, your experienced commercial roofer, about roof coatings and how the right coating can be to your best advantage long term.