Summer and early Fall are busy times for roofers due to convenient, warm dry weather and longer days. Not to mention, many people are scheduling to have their roof replaced after hail damage from late Spring and early Summer storms.

Will this affect you as a homeowner? Yes.


Due to the high demand of roofing materials, there is a natural rise in cost during these peak months. It will cost you or your insurance more money and will raise overall rates in the long run.


Roofing crews will be inundated with roof jobs, which will cause delays in getting your roof done. Not only that, but it will take longer to deliver materials.


Busy season is also the time to be very careful about whom you hire. The quality of your roof affects your livelihood. Quality roofers are out there, however, unqualified roofers will be too. Interview your roofer and make sure they are experienced, insured, and qualified.

If you have the ability to plan ahead or wait until off season (typically November through March in Texas), this is the best time to get a roof. Not only are roofer schedules less busy, but materials are easier to order and deliver at lower costs.

If you know you need a roof during peak season, call ahead. Omnipresence Roofing is here to help you. They can also temporarily patch a leak prior to your scheduled roofing day. Don’t be afraid to ask.