Since the beginning of the innovative TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) or “cool roofing” in the 1990s, it has become a fast growing, energy efficient commercial roofing product! The number of reasons why are astounding.

First, this high quality product is puncture and algae resistant as well as flexible for severe changes in weather and building movement. That alone in Texas weather, is a huge money saver.

Second, the membrane is UV reflective and heat resistant which helps keep your cooling and heating energy bills down significantly.

Third, it is environmentally friendly and fire resistant in comparison to other commercial roofing options such as PVC. It’s constructed of ethylene propylene rubber, a gravel layer for fire protection and non-halogenic fire retardants can be added for extra protection. All of these materials and chemicals are non-hazardous and fully recyclable! The installation process is safe as well, since there are no noxious fumes formed from the material.

Lastly, the hot air-welded membrane seams bonds so well and so strong it’s sometimes called a “seamless roof”.

Omnipresence has had great experience with TPO roofing and would enjoy the chance to talk to you about the benefits for your roofing needs. Contact us for more information.